BVGH’s Diagnostics Innovation Map for Global Health

Image credit: BIO Ventures for Global Health

In the past few years, more diagnostics companies have been directing efforts toward global health. Many are hoping to tap into the “boomerang effect” — the concept that cheap technologies optimized for the developing world could boomerang back to access additional markets in the G7. This year BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) issued a report reviewing the state of medical diagnostics for global health titled “The Diagnostics Innovation Map: Medical Diagnostics for the Developing World.” Not surprisingly, many microfluidic- and MEMS-based devices are profiled, because of the portability and cost-savings these technologies can offer.

The body of the report has a great overview of unmet needs and special requirements for global health markets. However, don’t neglect the appendices, which contain some excellent material including a review of companies in this space, many of which use microfluidic- and bioMEMS- based technologies: Claros Diagnostics, Daktari Diagnostics, BioScale, Seventh Sense Biosystems, Diagnostics for All and others. For a taster, see this figure below (Fig. 23 in the report) estimating technology timelines.

Image credit: BIO Ventures for Global Health

The BVGH report is a terrific resource for anyone wanting to quickly get an overview of a significant portion of the diagnostics landscape — not just for the developing world, but for anywhere. Check it out!

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