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Revisiting CTCs: A Compilation of Commercial CTC Platforms

A few days ago Abdur Rub, Head of the In Vitro Diagnostics Program at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore commented on a previous FluidicMEMS post on circulating tumor cells (CTCs).  He maintains a terrific compilation of commercial CTC efforts worldwide (shown above).  There’s a lot of commercial activity in the CTC space, […]

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Upcoming conference: BioMEMS 2013 April 16-18 in Cleveland

Just a quick post to let people know about the upcoming BioMEMS conference in Cleveland this April 16-18.  This is an industry conference and covers a range of interesting topics including wearable electronics, neural interfaces, clinical diagnostics, and more.  Check it out!

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Book Chapter in Microfluidic Diagnostics Methods and Protocols

Happy to announce the publication of Gareth Jenkins and Colin Mansfield’s new book, Microfluidic Diagnostics: Methods and Protocols is now available!  I contributed Chapter 5 “Overview of the Microfluidic Diagnostics Commercial Landscape” and it was a fun project to consider what information on commercialization might be useful in a book like this.  As the Springer website […]

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$175K Technology Innovation Grant in Biomedical, MEMS and Nanotechnology

Researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs — this is for you!  The Sustainable Valley Technology Group and Rogue Valley Microdevices have teamed up to offer a technology innovation grant aimed at biomedical devices, nanotechnology, and MEMS.  It’s a cool idea, where the goal is to foster economic development in Southern Oregon (projects must be commercialization-focused).  The grant […]

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FluidicMEMS Event November 5 2012: Jose Gomez-Marquez from Little Devices @ MIT

And on the heels of our October event, on November 5th we hosted another FluidicMEMS gathering featuring Jose Gomez-Marquez of MIT’s Little Devices group talking about using microfluidics for low-cost medical devices/diagnostics for the developing world.  We are grateful to sponsor Trianja Technologies which specializes in manufacture of glass microstructures and to Microsoft New England Research […]

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FluidicMEMS Event October 1 2012: Davide Marini of Firefly Bioworks + Michael Weingarten of NCI SBIR

We started off the 2012-2013 FluidicMEMS event series with a bang by gathering ~70 folks from the academic and industry lab-on-a-chip/BioMEMS space to hear from Davide Marini, CEO and co-founder of Firefly Bioworks and Michael Weingarten, Director of the National Cancer Institute’s SBIR and STTR programs.  Tremendous thanks to sponsors Dolomite Microfluidics, Replikins, and Oncolab […]

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List of microfluidics companies — What’s New Sept 2012

I’m constantly updating the FluidicMEMS List of Microfluidics Companies.  Since these additions are made gradually, I wanted to get a snapshot of how the list has changed since last year.  Since July 2011, over 20 companies have been added to the list (Note that these are not all new companies, but newly added.): I know […]

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Startup Spotlight: Cellanyx Diagnostics

Current tests can diagnose prostate cancer, but it’s harder to tell if your cancer is slow-growing or aggressive.  This is a problem because prostate cancer treatments can be worse than the disease itself, so you don’t want to pursue aggressive therapy unless you have a rapidly life-threatening cancer.  Spun out of Columbia University but located in […]

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Microfluidics 2.0 Workshop on Capillary-based Microfluidics for Bioanalysis 2012

Are you curious about the rapidly growing field of paper microfluidics?  Or maybe you’re already in the field and want to meet up with others doing the same?  Are you already planning to visit Boston this fall for MRS and building your itinerary? Then check out this year’s Microfluidics 2.0 Workshop on Capillary-based Microfluidics for […]

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How much does point-of-care testing cost?

One of the reasons for using microfluidic technology is to shrink large machines down into portable desktop or handheld versions. A low cost per test is often important for point-of-care (POC) or point-of-use devices, especially when intended for resource-limited settings such as regions of Africa. But how do you estimate the actual cost of a […]

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