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Illumina is hiring!

If you’re on the job market, take a look at the job board — Illumina is seeking a senior microfluidics engineer!

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FluidicMEMS February 2012: Una Ryan of Diagnostics for All

Wonderful having Dr. Una Ryan, CEO of Diagnostics for All, join us for the FluidicMEMS gathering on February 13! Over 70 lab-on-a-chip folks from academia and industry gathered to mix, mingle, and hear Dr. Ryan speak about DFA’s development of paper microfluidics for global health. Thanks to co-organizers A.J. Kumar and Joost Bonsen, and to […]

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Robert Westervelt speaks at FluidicMEMS Dec 2011: Making cells dance!

Last month we had our biggest ever FluidicMEMS gathering of lab-on-a-chip folks as we heard Professor Robert Westervelt speak on programmable integrated circuit / microfluidic chips to manipulate biological cells and liquid droplets. Platforms like the one above could save time and money by automating resource-intensive biological tasks by individually trapping and moving large numbers of […]

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An optimistic outlook on microfluidics commercialization — are hurdles being cleared?

Interesting article spotted by Mehmet Dokmeci in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News on “Microfluidics Making Bigger Impression.” The article touches on commercialization and research trends, including the following themes: Microfluidics could enable fundamentally new measurements at the cell/tissue level (not just faster, cheaper, or miniaturized versions of existing assays). In industry, this relates to what Fluidigm, CellAsic, […]

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Want to help shape future microfluidics standards? Take part in this SEMI survey.

In the world of microelectronics, standards are well-established and have helped the industry take off. Over the past few years, people have mentioned the idea of microfluidics standards more and more often, and the European microfluidics community has started discussing the issue. Are these beginning signs of industry growth and maturation? In line with this, Mark Crockett, Chair […]

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New job posts from Claros!

Following their recent acquisition by Opko, Claros Diagnostics is hiring!  There are two exciting openings for Project Leaders in Assay Development, as they are expanding the development of new assays on their platform. This is a terrific opportunity for industry veterans or qualified individuals looking to enter industry.  Check them out here and here at the […]

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Update from the FluidicMEMS gathering Nov 14 2011

Great to see ~50 new and familiar faces from the Boston/New England lab-on-a-chip community gathered the first FluidicMEMS event this fall on November 14th at MIT!  Thanks to extraordinary co-organizers A.J. Kumar and Joost Bonsen. We were generously sponsored by the MIT Alumni Association (thanks Katie Mahoney!) and Zeta Instruments. This time I shared some thoughts […]

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BioMEMS symposium at the MRS conference

The next Materials Research Society (MRS) Conference in Boston is at the end of the month, and the lineup for the Symposium II: BioMEMS Material and Devices (Nov 28 – Dec 1) looks fantastic. Topics range widely, including BioMEMS, microfluidics for cell culture, CTC capture, implantable devices, biosensors, and tools for cell mechanics.  Talks include: Microfluidic […]

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Diagnostics for All: Saving Lives at Birth

Quick video of Patrick Beattie from Diagnostics for All explaining how they’re using low-cost paper microfluidics to save lives at birth in the developing world. Specifically, DFA is developing a test for anemia and hyper/hypoglycemia, and a test for proteinuria to detect preeclampsia. See other innovators working on saving lives at birth here and here.

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$10M Tricorder XPRIZE set to launch in 2012

Last week we heard more from Eileen Bartholomew of the XPRIZE Foundation about the anticipated 2012 announcement of the Tricorder XPRIZE. Named after the universal medical diagnostic from Star Trek, the device should allow consumers to diagnose themselves, enabling people to become “CEOs of their own health.” There’s a huge potential for microfluidics to be […]

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