List of microfluidics companies — What’s New Sept 2012

I’m constantly updating the FluidicMEMS List of Microfluidics Companies.  Since these additions are made gradually, I wanted to get a snapshot of how the list has changed since last year.  Since July 2011, over 20 companies have been added to the list (Note that these are not all new companies, but newly added.):

Aixtekaixtek.comConsultingConsulting practice that develops fluidic devices, instruments and processes, with a focus on the early stages of product development
Arcxis Biotechnologiesarcxis.comDiagnosticsIntegrated, compact molecular diagnostic solutions
Cellanyxwww.cellanyx.comDiagnosticsCancer diagnostics
CorSolutionsmyCorSolutions.comComponentsTechnology for leak-tight, low-dead volume, high or low pressure microfluidic connections. Connections can be made with tubes, cartridges, fittings, reactors, filters and other parts common in liquid handling and microfluidics. Also offers pumps and sensors for fluidic applications.
Firefly Bioworksfireflybio.comResearch instrumentsDeveloping an instrument-independent, universal platform for solution-phase multiplexed detection of proteins and nucleic acids, based on multifunctional encoded microparticles. The microparticles are produced by Optical Liquid Stamping, a microfabrication method combining microfluidics with photolithography.
Fluidic instruments, ConsultingDesigns, fabricates and sells tools for the microfluidics research and development community. Current products include a pressure source that can drive liquids through microfluidic circuits and a thermal press that embosses and bonds microfluidic parts.
Fluigentfluigent.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsTools for flow control in micro-channels and genetic testing in capillaries and chips
Fraunhofer USA - Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI)fraunhofer.orgDiagnostics, Research instrumentsNon-profit research institute research group focuses on the integration of microfluidic methodologies, high precision micromachining manufacturing techniques and nanotechnology to address unmet needs in sample preparation, cell and tissue culture, clinical diagnostics, and medical devices. instrumentsMicrofluidic products for analysis of cell migration and cell behavior in response to gradients of signaling molecules (chemotaxis)
HJC Consultinghjcconsulting.caConsultingScientific consulting with core technical competencies in microfluidics, separation science, analytical instrument development, and analytical chemistry
InStep NanoPowerinstepnanopower.comEnergyDroplet-based human gait energy scavenger
MicroLab Devicesmicrolabdevices.comCustom development, manufacturing, research instrumentsProvide research groups with instrumentation, offer a multi-physics simulation service with fault analysis (leading to false positives and negatives). Design and manufacturing services to go from proof-of-concept to a deployable system.
MicroTECmicrotec-d.comDevelopment, components, manufacturingDevelops and produces MEMS, microsystems and components including: fluidics for synthesis and analysis (electrical and optical): integrated electrodes, valves, heating and cooling elements; micromechanics for cell disruption, micro-arrays, micro titre plates, polymer Lab-on-chip. Also micro-actuators, micro-needles, micro-filters with high aspect ratios, electrode fixtures.
mikroglas instruments, custom development, componentsProduces microreactors, micromixers, micro heat exchangers, microseparators, lab-on-a-chip components, lab equipment, for biotech and
chemistry applications since 1999.
Minitechminitech.comManufacturing and prototyping equipmentManufactures small CNC machines for fabricating microfluidic structures. Nanomachining, micromilling.
Nanolabwarewww.nanolabware.comComponents, research instrumentsTools for micro and nanofluidics, including microfluidic components,
micro instrumentation, droplet technology
PositiveID Corporationpositiveidcorp.comDiagnostics, Medical devicesDevelops medical devices and biological detection systems focused primarily on diabetes management, rapid medical testing and airborne bio-threat detection. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, MicroFluidic Systems or MFS, is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for the automated preparation of and performance of biological assays.
Rogue Valley Microdevicesroguevalleymicro.comFoundry, Development, DesignFull-service MEMS foundry specializing in MEMS and Biomedical Device fabrication
Translumetranslume.comComponents, manufacturing, custom developmentFocus on glass machining, glass micromachining.
Trianjatrianja.comManufacturing, custom components.Micro and nano structured glass-based solutions for use in high-throughput, chemical and biological devices such as microfluidics, microarrays, lab-on-a-chip, µTAS, nanofluidics, bio-chips, sensors, medical devices, and filtration membranes.
Wave 80 Bioscienceswww.wave80.comDiagnosticsMolecular diagnostics products for infectious disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, and other human health conditions

I know there are more companies out there!  Do you have a microfluidics- or BioMEMS-related company to add?  If so, contact me!

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