List of microfluidics companies

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Below is a list we’ve put together of microfluidics / lab-on-a-chip / bioMEMS companies worldwide. The list is meant to be broad and inclusive, so there is a mix of companies: some make point-of-care diagnostics or laboratory tools, while others are foundries or supply microfluidic / bioMEMS components. Please contact our team by e-mail if you are aware of companies that haven’t been included. Last edited: February 9, 2016

Abaxisabaxis.comDiagnosticsPoint-of-care blood analyzers
Abbott Point of Care (i-STAT)abbottpointofcare.comDiagnosticsPoint-of-care blood analyzers
ACAMP (canada)acamp.caNon-profit resource (Canada)Non-profit organization that provides specialized services to micro nano technology clients, including: Marketing & Business Development, Product Development, Packaging and Assembly, Test and Characterization.
ACEA BioscienceACEAbio.comResearch instrumentsMicroelectronic systems for cell-based assays
Achira Labswww.achiralabs.comDiagnosticsLab-on-chip platform to perform rapid, quantitative and multiplexed immunoassays (protein tests) at a low cost
Adhesives Researchwww.adhesivesresearch.comComponents
High-performance, custom pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, coatings, specialty films and laminates. Tailored hydrophilic or hydrophobic adhesive sheets for sealing microfluidic channels, enabling faster wicking and sample collection.
Advalytix (Beckman Coulter)advalytix.comResearch instrumentsProduct group of Beckman Coulter developing single-cell analysis platforms
Advanced Liquid Logicliquid-logic.comResearch instrumentsLab-on-a-chip microfluidic devices using electronic fluid control for immunoassays, PCR, clinical chemistry, sample preparation and more
Advanced Microlabsadvancedmicrolabs.comResearch instrumentsInstrumentation for microchip capillary electrophoresis
Advionadvion.comContract R&DBioanalytical contract research organization and developer of microfluidics systems for chemistry and biochemistry applications
Affymetrixaffymetrix.comResearch instrumentsHighly parallel genetic assays (DNA microarrays)
Agilentchem.agilent.comResearch instrumentsCommercial microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip technology enabling sample handling, mixing, dilution, electrophoresis and chromatographic separation, staining and detection on single integrated systems
Aixtekaixtek.comConsultingConsulting practice that develops fluidic devices, instruments and processes, with a focus on the early stages of product development
Akonni Biosystemsakonni.comDiagnosticsDevelops, manufactures, and markets integrated molecular diagnostic systems
Albright Technologiesalbright1.comFabricationMicromedical silicone tooling and molding
Aline Incalineinc.comDevelopment, ComponentsMicrofluidic design, prototyping, and manufacture
Applied BioPhysicsbiophysics.comResearch instrumentsTools for cell research and drug discovery
AquulaAquulaConsultingConsultancy specializing in microfluidics
Arcxis Biotechnologiesarcxis.comDiagnosticsIntegrated, compact molecular diagnostic solutions InstrumentsProduction of high quality microarrays with inkjet technology for life sciences R&D
Artemis Healthartemishealthinc.comDiagnosticsNoninvasive prenatal diagnostics of care testing on whole blood, plasma, or urine samples
Axxiconwww.axxicon.comManufacturing, prototyping, consultingManufacturing (injection molding) of lab on a chip / lab on a disc for life sciences- and diagnostics companies, based on knowledge of engineering products and production processes of optical discs and look-a-likes
Baebieswww.baebies.comDiagnosticsBenchtop digital microfluidic diagnostic for newborn screening
Bartels Mikrotechnikbartels-mikrotechnik.deDevelopment, ComponentsMicro systems technology (MST) development services and components focusing on microfluidics, microactuation, and micromechanics.
Becton Dickinsonbd.comResearch instrumentsDevelops, manufactures and sells medical supplies, devices, laboratory instruments, antibodies, reagents and diagnostic products
BellBrook Laboratoriesbellbrooklabs.comResearch instrumentsDrug discovery technologies for the pharmaceutical industry, including microfluidic cell culture systems and high throughput biochemical assays
Biocius (acquired by Agilent)Acquired by Agilent in 2011Research instrumentsHigh-throughput screening for drug discovery
Biodetection instrumentsbiodetection-instruments.comDiagnosticsBiosensors, assay kits and instruments for rapid detection of food pathogens and chemical residues
Biodotbiodot.comResearch instrumentsSupplier of system tools for the research, development and commercialization of diagnostic tests
BiofluidiXbiofluidix.comResearch instrumentsNon-contact, nanoliter to microliter liquid handling devices mainly for life science applications, with a strong focus on micro arrays and well plate technology (non-contact microarray printer)
BioForce Nanosciencesbioforcenano.comResearch instrumentsDevelops and commercializes nanotech instruments, consumables, and applications for the life sciences
Biolithicbiolithic.comDiagnosticsPoint of care diagnostics initially focused on infectious disease
BioMicro SystemsAssets purchased by Roche in 2011
Research instrumentsBiological research products based on microfluidic handling technologies
Bionasbionas.deResearch instrumentsMicrofluidic systems for live cell analysis
Bioscalebioscale.comResearch instrumentsUltra-sensitive biological measurements
BiositeAcquired by AlereDiagnosticsDiagnostic products for laboratory medicine
Biosurfitbiosurfit.comDiagnosticsBlood diagnostics enabled by compact-disc format microfluidics, surface plasmon resonance, and an optical visualization sensor
BioTraybiotray.frResearch instrumentsMicrotechnology for Life Science & Chemistry Applications
BioVitessebiovitesse.comSensorsDevelops, manufactures and markets automated in-process quality control monitoring systems and solutions for Rapid Bacterial Detection and Identification for the industrial microbiological markets
Boehringer Ingelheimboehringer-ingelheim.deDiagnostics, Research instrumentsWorks with international diagnostics companies to develop microfluidic applications in fields such as hematology, microbiology, DNA assays, high-throughput screening, biochemistry and immunology
Boston Microfluidicsbostonmicrofluidics.comDiagnosticsRapid, single use, self-contained sexually transmitted disease in vitro diagnostics
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems valves and components, System design
Develops, manufactures and markets microfluidic valves, components and customer specific system solutions around microfluidic liquid handling
Caliper Life Sciences (acquired by PerkinElmer)caliperls.comResearch instrumentsMicrofluidics, lab automation & liquid handling, optical imaging technologies, and discovery & development outsourcing solutions
Cambridge Biomagneticscambridge-biomagnetics.comResearch instrumentsMagnetic lab-on-a-chip devices combining microfluidic channels with advanced magnetic sensors
Cambridge Consultantswww.cambridgeconsultants.comConsultingProduct development and new product design services
Capilixcapilix.comResearch instruments, SensorsModular sensor solutions based on lab-on-glass-chip technology, with a focus on microchip capillary electrophoresis
CapitalBio Corporationcapitalbio.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsDevelops and commercializes biochip-related products for genomic, proteomic and cellomic research, bio-safety testing, and clinical applications
Carbo Analyticswww.carboanalytics.comResearch instruments, production line instrumentsInstrumentation for research and production lines (biofuel, brewing, distilling and food processing) using microchip capillary electrophoresis and pulsed amperometric detection (PAD).
CardioMEMScardiomems.comDiagnosticsProprietary wireless sensing and communication technology for the human body that can be implanted using minimally invasive techniques and transmit cardiac output, blood pressure and heart rate data
CEA Laboratory of Electronics and Information Technologies (LETI)cea.frDiagnostics, Research instrumentsNanobiotechnologies and biochips devoted to analyzing the genome; lab-on-a-chip devices for rapid, miniaturized in vitro diagnosis and microsystems used to analyze living cells and handle them individually
Cellanyxwww.cellanyx.comDiagnosticsCancer diagnostics
Cellasiccellasic.comResearch instrumentsMicrofluidic platforms for cell and tissue based applications
Cellectriconwww.cellectricon.comResearch instrumentsReal-time cell-based screening devices for applications in biotechnology, biomedical research and drug discovery
Cellixcellixltd.comResearch instrumentsMicrofluidic drug screening tools
Celulacelula-inc.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsInstruments for clinical diagnostics and biomedical research using microfluidics and other technologies, including primary cell sorting via on-chip flow cytometry
Cepheidcepheid.comDiagnosticsMolecular diagnostics for genetic analysis in the clinical, industrial and biothreat markets
Cetonicetoni.deDevelopment, Components, Microfluidic instrumentsDevelopment and production for automation and microsystem technologies (including microfluidic systems)
CfBIcfbi.comConsortiumBrings together stakeholders in Microfluidics from across Europe to learn about state-of-the-art, recent applications, market dynamics as well as key issues which are constraining growth and scale-up
Chiral Photonicswww.chiralphotonics.comPackaging, prototyping, manufacturingCan configure capillaries with sub-micron precision in twists, bends, concentrically, and with internal or external tapering. Applications may include high density packaging, micromixing, emulsions, angled droplet deposition, particle/inertial separations, vortices, transition devices, switches, or integrated optofluidics or fiber optic sensing.
CiDRA Precision Serviceswww.cidraprecisionservices.comManufacturingCustom-manufactured, micron-precision products from glass, ceramic, sapphire, and hard metal materials.
In-depth dicing, drilling, milling, grinding, and polishing.
Claros DiagnosticsAcquired by OPKO Health in 2011DiagnosticsProducts to transition in-vitro medical diagnostic tests from the laboratory to the point-of-care, such as a physician's office, bedside, etc.
Clondiagclondiag.comDiagnosticsPoint-of-care diagnostics and microarrays for professional lab diagnostics
CMC Microsystemscmc.caConsortiumNonprofit building partnerships in Canada among government, business, and academia to support microsystem development. CMC offers support and resources for both MEMS and microfluidics development, including CAD tools and prototype manufacturing.
CorSolutionsmyCorSolutions.comComponentsTechnology for leak-tight, low-dead volume, high or low pressure microfluidic connections. Connections can be made with tubes, cartridges, fittings, reactors, filters and other parts common in liquid handling and microfluidics. Also offers pumps and sensors for fluidic applications.
Coventorcoventor.comSoftwareSoftware tools for the development of MEMS, microfluidic and semiconductor structures, devices and processes
Creative MicroSystemscreativemicro.comDevelopment, Manufacturing, ComponentsCustom microfluidic devices and detectors/sensors for a range of applications
Crosponcrospon.comDiagnostics, Medical devicesMinimally invasive medical devices for imaging and aiding surgery in the esophagus and stomach
CSEMcsem.chConsultingPrivate company for applied research, including contract R&D, small series production, technology transfer, and startup incubator services instrumentsIntegrated microfluidic platform combining both chemical synthesis and biological assay to rapidly deliver high quality molecules and data to feed the drug development pipeline
Cynveniocynvenio.comResearch instrumentsDevelopment and commercialization of high performance instruments and assays for the life sciences market (especially cancer, stem cells, and drug discovery)
Cytocentrics Biosciencewww.cytocentrics.comFoundry, design, development, prototyping Foundry service, design, development, prototyping and low volume production, plus an automated patch clamp platform
Cytonomecytonome.comTherapeuticsClinical grade optical cell sorting
Cytoocytoo.comResearch instrumentsChips for micropatterned cell culture
Daktari Diagnosticsdaktaridx.comDiagnosticsMicrofluidic point of care diagnostics for global health, including a handheld CD4 counter
Dalsadalsa.comFoundryMEMS foundry
Debiotechdebiotech.comDiagnostics, Medical devicesDiagnostic and therapeutic medical devices
Deltadotdeltadot.comResearch instrumentsBiomolecular separation instruments based around High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis (HPCE) and microfluidic separation systems
DEOS Labsdeoslabs.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsTechnology transfer, diagnostic kits (biochip) and electronic instruments
Design 1 Solutionswww.design1solutions Design, consulting, prototyping and manufacturingDesign 1 Solutions offers microfluidic design, consultation, and fabrication solutions for microfluidics, microfluidic connectors, micro fabricated devices and microfluidic pumps by working with multiple suppliers and resources to provide a single source for exploring different fabrication methods from prototype to production.
Diagnostics for Alldfa.orgDiagnosticsNon-profit enterprise creating low-cost, point-of-care microfluidic diagnostics for the developing world DiagnosticsAutomated ELISA
Digilab Globaldigilabglobal.comResearch instrumentsManufactures technologies for generating microarrays, picoliter droplet, live-cell and bio-compatible material printing instruments, hybridization systems, as well as imaging and analysis systems
DNA microchip-based solutions for DNA analysis
Dolomite Microfluidicsdolomite-microfluidics.comDevelopment, Manfacturing, ComponentsMicrofluidic components as well as custom designed microfluidic devices instrumentsDroplets-on-demand sampler that allows creation of sequences from up to 24 samples
Dyconexmst.comManufacturingPCB solutions for medical devices, aerospace systems as well as for semiconductor packaging and industrial applications
EBB Micropartswww.ebb-microparts.dePrototyping and manufacturingPolymer processing, microforming and microbonding
Edge Embossingwww.edge-embossing.comResearch and Development, ManufacturingMicrofluidics design, prototyping, and manufacturing; embossing in a wide range of thermoplastics; specializing in microwells, micropillars, microarrays
EG specializing in industrial design and mechanical, electronic, and software engineering
Eksigenteksigent.comMedical devicesHPLC systems and medical devices
Elveflowelveflow.comResearch instrumentsPlug & Play and mobile instruments for fluid handling and flow control in microfluidic devices
EPGL Medical Scienceswww.epglmed.comDiagnosticsDiagnostics based on Bio-MEMS. Focus on diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain., ManufacturingPolymer-based microengineering, including lab-on-a-chip microfluidic devices and micro-optical products
Epocalepocal.comDiagnosticsDevelopment and commercialization of microfluidic blood analysis systems
EV Groupevgroup.comConsultingSystem configurations for R&D and production as well as implementation, process and materials know-how
Evotecevotec.comResearch instrumentsDiscovery and development of novel small-molecule drugs
Firefly Bioworksfireflybio.comResearch instrumentsDeveloping an instrument-independent, universal platform for solution-phase multiplexed detection of proteins and nucleic acids, based on multifunctional encoded microparticles. The microparticles are produced by Optical Liquid Stamping, a microfabrication method combining microfluidics with photolithography. prototyping of robust microfluidic devices in thermoplastic materials / polymers
Fluidic instruments, ConsultingDesigns, fabricates and sells tools for the microfluidics research and development community. Current products include a pressure source that can drive liquids through microfluidic circuits and a thermal press that embosses and bonds microfluidic parts.
Fluidigmfluidigm.comResearch instrumentsMicrofluidic systems based on integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) for life science applications such as molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine
Fluidmedixfluimedix.comDiagnosticsPoint-of-care diagnostic system for near-patient DNA based testing
Fluidmetrics assay solutions for clinicians and researchers which utilize disposable microfluidic test cells along with supporting instrumentation and reagents
Fluidware Technologiesfluidware-technologies.comOtherCommercializes technologies developed at the Fujii Laboratory in the University of Tokyo. Key technologies are microfluidic chips and micro devices such as micro system pumps and optical detection systems
Fluigentfluigent.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsTools for flow control in micro-channels and genetic testing in capillaries and chips
Fluxion Biosciencesfluxionbio.comResearch instrumentsLive cell assays and automated patch clamp
FocusDxfocusdx.comDiagnosticsInfectious disease diagnostic testing services, products, and information
Fraunhofer ICT-IMMwww.imm.fraunhofer.deResearch and DevelopmentNon-profit R&D institute developing microfluidic systems for industrial analytics, biomedical diagnostics, environmental analysis
Fraunhofer USA - Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI)fraunhofer.orgDiagnostics, Research instrumentsNon-profit research institute research group focuses on the integration of microfluidic methodologies, high precision micromachining manufacturing techniques and nanotechnology to address unmet needs in sample preparation, cell and tissue culture, clinical diagnostics, and medical devices.
FutureChemistryfuturechemistry.comResearch instrumentsDevelop, implement and sell microreactor hardware and procedures for optimising and screening chemical reactions and processes
GE Healthcaregehealthcare.comOtherMicro ElectroMechanical devices and microfluidic systems for use in Aviation, Water, Sensing, Energy, Security, Consumer & Industrial businesses
GeneFluidicsgenefluidics.comResearch instrumentsPlatform integrating bionano and microfluidic technologies for complex assays on samples such as sample such as whole blood, urine, saliva, or water molecular devices to detect genes at Point-of-Care
GeneWavegenewave.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsMicroarray instrumentation for diagnostic, clinical and life science research
GeSiMgesim.deResearch instrumentsMicrosystems and instrumentation specializing in low-volume liquid handling for the life sciences
GnuBiognubio.comResearch instrumentsMicrofluidic gene sequencing
Grace Bio-Labsgracebio.comComponentsMicrofluidic chambers, isolators, flow cells, and other components for research instrumentsMicrofluidic products for analysis of cell migration and cell behavior in response to gradients of signaling molecules (chemotaxis)
Gyrosgyros.comResearch instrumentsAutomated micro-immunoassays for therapeutic protein development
Habselhabsel.comResearch instrumentsWater-droplet-in-oil emulsion based microfluidics technology to develop ultra high througput screening for antibodies/proteins/peptide agents against human pathogens
Helicos Bioscenceshelicosbio.comDiagnosticsGenetic analysis technologies for the research, drug discovery, and diagnostic markets
Helvoetwww.helvoet.comManufacturingHigh volume precision manufacturing to medical standard. ISO13485 certified and FDA compliant producer of polymer microfluidic parts. Partnering with Axxicon.
HJC Consultinghjcconsulting.caConsultingScientific consulting with core technical competencies in microfluidics, separation science, analytical instrument development, and analytical chemistry
HNP-Mikrosystemewww.hnp-mikrosysteme.comComponentsMicro annular gear pumps
Ibidiwww.ibidi.comResearch instrumentsSupplier for functional cell based assays and products for cellular microscopy
IBM Zurich Research instrumentsThe research projects pursued at IBM Research - Zurich are organized into five scientific and technical departments: Computer Science, Mathematical & Computational Sciences, Storage Technologies, Systems, and Science & Technology.
Illuminariailluminariallc.comConsultingEngineering consulting in nanofabrication and optomechanical design and construction, including microfluidic mold construction and prototyping lab-on-a-chip design and fabrication
ImageXpertimagexpert.comImagingImaging systems for microfluidic droplets
IMT Masken und Teilungen AG
www.imtag.chDevelopment, manufacturing, foundryDevelopment and manufacturing of glass consumables for microfluidic and biophotonic applications.
IMT (Innovative Micro Technology)imtmems.comFoundryMEMS foundry and contract manufacturing service provider, offering high-volume production capability and experience in fabricating complex MEMS
IMT - Institute of Microchemical, ComponentsSupplier of off-the-shelf and custom microfluidic chips
Incept BioSystemsinceptbio.comTherapeuticsMicroscale technologies that address infertility
Ingeneroningeneron.comDiagnostics, Medical devicesDevelopment and commercialization of products for cell identification, separation, and delivery
InStep NanoPowerinstepnanopower.comEnergyDroplet-based human gait energy scavenger
Intellisenseintellisense.comSoftwareCAD tools for MEMS, including BioMEMS and microfluidics
Inveniosinvenios.comFoundryQuick-turnaround 3D Microfabrication Foundry Services
IonTorrent (Life Technologies)iontorrent.comDiagnosticsDNA sequencing
ITC Memsitcmems.comConsortiumConsortium of industry and government, offering design, fabrication, packaging, and testing solutions for MEMS
iX-factoryix-factory.deFoundry, DevelopmentService provider in the field of microfluidics and integrated optics based on silicon and glass. Services include MEMS Foundry Service, Design / Project Work, Prototyping and Low to High Volume Batch Production
JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systemejo-mt.deManufacturingManufacturing systems for polymeric microcomponents and nanostructures
Jonsman Innovationjoninn.comConsultingProduct development as well as consulting
Kryoz Technologieskryoz.comMicrofluidic EquipmentMicro cryogenic cooling systems
Kumetrixkumetrix.comDiagnosticsBlood diagnostics based on bioMEMS technology and a single-use disposable silicon microchip
Labcytelabcyte.comResearch instrumentsAssay miniaturization and automation, low-volume liquid handling for the life sciences
LabSmithlabsmith.comComponents, Microfluidic instrumentsLaboratory research tools, including breadboard-based microfluidics construction kits
LC Scienceswww.lcsciences.comResearch toolsMicrofluidics-based technology for massively parallel oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis DiagnosticsPoint of care flow cytometry
Life BioSciencelifebioscience.comComponents, Custom fabricationOff-the-shelf microfluidic and microsystems components for researchers; also offers custom microfabrication
LioniXlionixbv.nlDevelopment, ManufacturingDevelopment and production of products based on Micro/Nano Technology for OEM customers in Telecom, Life sciences, Industrial Process Control and Space
LTF - Little Things Factoryltf-gmbh.deFabricationMicrosandblasting on glass, silicon and other brittle materials. Micro-structured glass and silicon for standard or custom microreactors
Luna Innovationslunainnovations.comContract R&DContract research and development for microfluidics and other systems
MA3 Solutionswww.ma3solutions.comManufacturing equipmentTailor-made automation equipment for the microsystems assembly market
Maxwell Sensorsmaxwellsensors.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsHigh performance, automated tools designed to accelerate screening, diagnostic and monitoring diseases, pharmaceutical drug screening, and environmental monitoring
MBio Diagnosticswww.mbiodx.comDiagnosticsPlatform being developed for a broad menu of applications including multiplex assays and cellular analysis. Initial products in HIV management.
Medimatewww.medimate.comDiagnosticsElectrolyte self-tests for home use based on a microfluidic capillary electrophoresis platform
Medspraywww.medspray.nlMedical devicesMicrotechnology spray nozzle units for near-mono-disperse aqueous inhaler devices
Medtronicmedtronic.comMedical devicesImplantable medical devices, including drug pumps contract manufacturing services, mainly addressing aerospace/defense, optical communications, medical and biomedical, and the IT/consumer market
Micralynemicralyne.comFoundryMEMS foundry services, including design and fabrication of microfluidic chips and devices for life sciences
Micro2Genmicro2gen.comDiagnosticsIntegrated micro system with modules for nucleic acid extraction, mixing steps, purification, PCR amplification, biochemical reactions, and DNA micro array detection in real time
MicroCHIPSmchips.comDiagnosticsIntelligent implanted medical devices for applications such as glucose monitoring
Microdrop Technologiesmicrodrop.deResearch instrumentsProvider of equipment, software and services for advanced micro-dispensing and inkjet printing applications
Microfab Technologiesmicrofab.comResearch instrumentsDigital microdispensing technologies
Microflexismicroflexis.comComponents, development, manufacturingDevelopment and manufacture of ultra-thin and elastically flexible microfluidic chips with holders, microwell array chips, microformed polymer films and ultra-thin microfluidic cold plates.
Microflow Laboratory Consulting, Prototyping Develops and produces Lab-on-a-chip and Microfluidic components using various materials such as COC, PDMS, glass, hydrogel, and polymers.
MicroFluentmicrofluent.comConsultingConsulting services surrounding product development and commercialization
Microfluidic ChipShopmicrofluidic-chipshop.comDevelopment, ComponentsCustom and off-the-shelf microfluidic systems for applications in the analytical sciences, biotechnology, cosmetics, diagnostics, drug screening, chemistry, environmental applications, monitoring, food analysis, and medical technology
Microfluidic Imagingwww.microfluidicimaging.comImagingSoftware-based imaging solutions for industrial and academic research teams developing microfluidic technologies
Microfluidic Innovationswww.microfluidicinnovations.comResearch instrumentsMulti-purpose, software-programmable microfluidic LoC (SPLoC). Instead of assay-specific chips, assay developers will be able to use a single chip, and simply write or download a program for each experiment. Example assays include: Glucose level testing, Particle sorting, Enzyme kinetics, Bacteria culturing and synchronization
for CROs, pharmaceuticals and academic research
Microfluidic Systems (acquired by PositiveID Corp)microfluidicsystems.comResearch instrumentsAutomated instruments for the detection and processing of biological samples
MicroLab Devicesmicrolabdevices.comCustom development, manufacturing, research instrumentsProvide research groups with instrumentation, offer a multi-physics simulation service with fault analysis (leading to false positives and negatives). Design and manufacturing services to go from proof-of-concept to a deployable system.
microLIQUIDmicroliquid.comDesign, development, manufacturingMicrofluidic devices and components, mainly polymer. Development and industrialization of Point-of-care (POC) Devices.
Microlyticwww.microlytic.comResearch instrumentsConsumable laboratory products for the structural biology marketplace
Micromolding Solutions (MMS)www.micromolding.caDesign, development, manufacturingDesign, development, and manufacturing of small and precision plastic components and polymer-based functional devices, including lab-on-a-chip
Micronicsmicronics.netDiagnosticsMicrofluidic, near-patient, in vitro diagnostic products for disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring
Micronitmicronit.comFoundryGlass-based lab-on-a-chip components and products for the life sciences and chemistry research markets
Micropointbiomicropointbio.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsResearch, development, manufacturing, and marketing of the "Lab-On-Chip"products based on the MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) technology
MicroTECmicrotec-d.comDevelopment, components, manufacturingDevelops and produces MEMS, microsystems and components including: fluidics for synthesis and analysis (electrical and optical): integrated electrodes, valves, heating and cooling elements; micromechanics for cell disruption, micro-arrays, micro titre plates, polymer Lab-on-chip. Also micro-actuators, micro-needles, micro-filters with high aspect ratios, electrode fixtures.
Microviskwww.microvisk.comDiagnosticsPoint of care coagulation meters based on completely internal MEMS sesnosr
Micrux Technologiesmicruxfluidic.comResearch instruments, SensorsDevelops a variety of microfluidic devices, either standard or customized (e.g., microchips for capillary electrophoresis)
mikroglas instruments, custom development, componentsProduces microreactors, micromixers, micro heat exchangers, microseparators, lab-on-a-chip components, lab equipment, for biotech and
chemistry applications since 1999.
Milliporemillipore.comResearch instrumentsTechnologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, Development, ManufacturingDesign, integration and manufacture of polymer micro-engineered systems for the Biotech, Health, Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sectors
Minitechminitech.comManufacturing and prototyping equipmentManufactures small CNC machines for fabricating microfluidic structures. Nanomachining, micromilling.
Mode Diagnosticsmodedx.comDiagnosticsDiagnostics integrating biosensing and electronics for the home-based point-of-care markets
Molecular Cytomicsmolecular-cytomics.comResearch instrumentsArray platform enables scientists to perform live cell imaging and time lapse imaging of thousands of individual living cells
Molecular Devices, Incmoleculardevices.comResearch instrumentsBioanalytical instrumentation
Molecular devices combine microfluidic chips with organic-semiconductor light-sources and photodetectors
Mycrolabmycrolab.comDiagnosticsHand-held, point of care diagnostics using lab-on-a-chip consumables
Nanion Technologiesnanion.deResearch instrumentsBio- and microtechnology for increasing the speed and efficiency of drug discovery, in particular High Throughput Screening systems for ion channel active drugs
Nanobiosymwww.nanobiosym.comDiagnosticsLab-on-a-chip diagnostics such as Gene-RADAR, a device resembling a mobile phone that has the ability to analyze biofluids such as a drop of blood or saliva and identifies DNA and RNA signatures
NanoEnTeknanoentek.comResearch instrumentsLab-on-a-chip technologies for life sciences research and diagnostics, including automatic cell counters, gene transfection electroporators, and point-of-care diagnostics
Nanolabwarewww.nanolabware.comComponents, research instrumentsTools for micro and nanofluidics, including microfluidic components,
micro instrumentation, droplet technology
Nanomixnano.comDiagnosticsLab-on-chip point of care diagnostics of multiple analytes on a single platform based on carbon nanotube technology.
Nanopoint Imagingnanopointimaging.comResearch instrumentsMicrofluidics platform integrated with live cell imaging capabilities, used for applications such as assisted reproductive technology, drug discovery, cell culturing, and other life science research
Nanospherenanosphere.usDiagnosticsNanotechnology-based healthcare company that manufactures Verigene, a microfluidics product capable of analyzing DNA directly from a blood sample
Nanoterrananoterra.comOtherA nano- and micro-technology development company commercializing the inventions of co-founder and Chairman Professor George Whitesides from Harvard University and a world-wide network of complementary innovations
NextAdvancenextadvance.comResearch instrumentsLaboratory instruments for life sciences research, also technical consulting for microfluidics and fluid mechanics, biotech instrumentation, and mechanical and electrical engineering design
On-Q-ityon-q-ity.comDiagnosticsMicrofluidic cancer diagnostics
Optotrackoptotrack.comResearch instrumentsResearch and development of novel optical, imaging, chemical, as well as biological sensors and microsystems
Osmotexwww.osmotex.chMicrofluidic componentsDeveloper and supplier of microfluidic pumps for applications including fuel cells, life-sciences and chemical research. Also offers custom development.
Pathogenetix pathogenetix.comDiagnosticsCommercial applications of single molecule DNA, RNA and protein analysis
PerkinElmerperkinelmer.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsDiagnostics and instrumentation for life sciences research
Phase2 Microtechnologies instruments, sensorsMEMS-enabled pH sensor technology platforms
Phase Three Product Development, Contract R&DPhase Three specializes is helping companies develop and commercialize their microfluidic technologies.
Philips Applied, Contract R&DPhilips Applied Technologies performs integrated product design and manufacturing of microfluidic based disposables on a contract basis, also for third parties
Plasma Technology Systemswww.plasmatechsystems.comSurface treatmentPlasma surface modification of MEMS devices with a core competency in treatment of polymers
Posaluxposalux.comPrototyping, manufacturingSolution Provider for: Manufacturing equipment, Glass Microfabrication,
Rapid prototyping,
Mass production,
Custom-made glass devices
PositiveID Corporationpositiveidcorp.comDiagnostics, Medical devicesDevelops medical devices and biological detection systems focused primarily on diabetes management, rapid medical testing and airborne bio-threat detection. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, MicroFluidic Systems or MFS, is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for the automated preparation of and performance of biological assays.
Proteus Biomedicalproteus.bzMedical devicesMicrochip-enabled drug delivery and therapeutic devices
Pure Slidespure-slides.comComponentsManufacturer of low-fluorescence plastic microscope slides and blanks
Qiagenqiagen.comResearch instrumentsSample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics laboratories, academic research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and applied testing markets such as forensics, animal or food testing
QuantaLifeBio-Rad acquired Quantalife in 2011Research instrumentsMicrodroplet-based digital PCR hand-held and portable low cost diagnostic, genomic sequencing & proteomic platforms
Quorum Technologieswww.quorumtechnologies.comResearch instrumentsIntegrates scientific instruments (specializes in microscopy and image processing); also commercializing Artery on a Chip work from the University of Toronto
Raindance Technologiesraindancetechnologies.comResearch instrumentsMicrodroplet-based solutions for human health and disease research
Rheonixrheonix.comDiagnosticsMicrofluidic solutions for automated molecular diagnostic assays
RheoSenserheosense.comResearch instrumentsFast, small-footprint microfluidic viscometers/rheometers, injection-molded microfluidic chips
Roche Applied Scienceroche-applied-science.comResearch instrumentsInstruments and reagents for the life sciences research market, including genome sequencing, microarray analysis, nucleic acid purification, real-time PCR, and cell analysis
Rogue Valley Microdevicesroguevalleymicro.comFoundry, Development, DesignFull-service MEMS foundry specializing in MEMS and Biomedical Device fabrication
Samsungsamsung.comDiagnosticsMicrofluidic point-of-care diagnostics
Scienionscienion.deResearch instrumentsUltra-low volume liquid handling systems and microarray technologies for multiparallel bioanalytics, high throughput screening and high throughput production of microarrays in the genomics and proteomics fields
Seahorse Bioscienceseahorsebio.comResearch instrumentsAnalytical instruments, biomanufacturing systems and consumable labware products for biological research and drug discovery
Sensimedsensimed.chDiagnostics, Medical devicesIntegrated microsystems for medical devices; SENSIMED Triggerfish device for continuous measurement of intraocular pressure in glaucoma
Sensividasensividamedical.comDiagnosticsDeveloping a digital allergy test and portable glucose monitor
SensLabsenslab.deDiagnostics, Research instrumentsDevelops and produces biosensors
SFC Fluidicssfc-fluidics.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsDevelopment of microfluidic technologies that enable miniaturized analytical tools, laboratories-on-a-chip, clinical diagnostics, and life science research instruments
Shrink NanotechnologiesStatus unknown. Formerly at www.shrinknano.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsNanotechnology company developing products and licensing opportunities in the alternative energy industry, medical diagnostics and sensors and biotechnology research and development tools businesses
Siemenssiemens.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsInstrumentation for life sciences, medical diagnostics
Silex Microsystemssilexmicrosystems.comFoundryFoundry services for MEMS/Microfluidics
Silicon Biosystemswww.siliconbiosystems.comResearch instrumentsLab-on-a-chip cell biology testing
Siloam Biosciencessiloambio.comDiagnosticsPoint-of-care clinical diagnostic systems using microfluidic and microsensor technology
SIMTech Microfluidics, simulation, prototyping to scalable technology development for mass production of polymer-based microfluidic devices
Smart hologramswww.smartholograms.comDiagnosticsCommercializing "sensor hologram" technology from the University of Cambridge to develop non-invasive and multi-analytic diagnostics
Sony, ManufacturingProduction of Microstructured Polymer Devices (MPD) for life science and in-vitro diagnostic markets, including new product development and prototyping through tooling and validation to close-tolerance injection molding, surface coating, component assembly and supply chain
Spectrafluidicsspectrafluidics.comSensorsHandheld detector for the real-time identification of airborne molecules emanated from explosives and other substances
Sphere Fluidicsspherefluidics.comResearch instrumentsCommercializing lab-on-a-chip and picodroplet technology from Cambridge University high-throughput reactions on single cells and molecules contained within aqueous droplets; this platform enables diverse applications including: miniaturised profiling of drug candidates, identification of novel algal strains and generation of new (bio)catalysts
Standard Diagnosticsstandardia.comDiagnosticsRapid and point of care diagnostics for infectious disease and other conditions
Stanford Microfluidics Foundry integrated microfluidic devices for academic research
Stokes BioAcquired by Life Technologies in 2010Research instruments, DiagnosticsMicrofluidics-based systems for genetic analysis, particularly for the measurement of gene expression and gene target detection. Applications include basic life science research and in the molecular diagnosis of cancers, pathogen detection and pharma-genomics
Superior NanoBioSystemssuperiornanobiosystems.comDiagnostics, Medical devicesPlatform development to support medical and bio-defense initiatives, including handheld diagnostics, therapeutics, and cell capture
SurModicssurmodics.comMedical devicesDrug delivery and surface modification technologies for the healthcare industry
Surneticswww.surnetics.comComponents, manufacturingDevelop surface modification coatings for moving liquids through microfluidic devices without pumps or other hardware – primarily for the diagnostic and electronics industries
Symbient Product Developmentwww.symbientpd.comResearch & Development, Product Development
Mechanical/biomedical engineering, prototyping, and testing utilizing injection molding for microfluidic components and microfluidic devices.
Synchronicity Microfluidics, ManufacturingRapid turnaround microfluidic masters for plastics / polymer
Syrrissyrris.comResearch instrumentsAutomated products for research and development chemists, including flow chemistry, microreactor and automation technology
T2 Biosystemst2biosystems.comDiagnosticsMedical diagnostic platform using nanotechnology and miniaturized magnetic resonance (MR)
Takasago Fluidics of miniature chemically inert valves and pumps for applications such as medical diagnosis, environmental measurement, protein detection, and quality management (e.g., food safety)
TearLabtearlab.comDiagnosticsLab-on-a-chip diagnostics testing for disease markers in tears at the point-of-care
TECANtecan.comDiagnostics, Research instrumentsLaboratory instruments for pharmaceuticals, forensics, and clinical diagnostics
Technobiochipwww.technobiochip.comResearch instrumentsBasic research, development and production of laboratory instruments in electronics, microelectronics, biology and biotechnology
Teknikertekniker.esManufacturingUltraprecision micromachining for microfluidics
Theranoswww.theranos.comDiagnosticsLarge array of laboratory-developed tests requiring only small sample volumes.
ThinXXSthinxxs.deComponents, manufacturing, custom developmentDevelops, produces and distributes micro-structured components and systems made of plastics, with a focus on microfluidics
TNOtno.nlContract R&DContract research and development for microfluidics and other systems
Translumetranslume.comComponents, manufacturing, custom developmentFocus on glass machining, glass micromachining.
Trianjatrianja.comManufacturing, custom components.Micro and nano structured glass-based solutions for use in high-throughput, chemical and biological devices such as microfluidics, microarrays, lab-on-a-chip, µTAS, nanofluidics, bio-chips, sensors, medical devices, and filtration membranes.
Trineantrinean.comResearch instrumentsNanoliter spectrophotometers and consumables for the research and scientific market
Tronics Microsystemswww.tronicsgroup.comManufacturing, ComponentsDevelops and manufactures custom MEMS components and microsystems
uFluidixufluidix.comManufacturing (silicone platforms)Manufactures platforms for microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip applications, with expertise in technology for bonding silicone.
Veridexveridex.comDiagnosticsCommercializing microfluidic circulating tumor cell diagnostics
Wasatch Microfluidicsmicrofl.comDiagnostics, Medical devicesMicrofluidic devices that enable the development of pharmaceutical diagnostics and therapeutics; Wasatch’s first product, the Continuous Flow Microspotter (CFM), is a printer that uses a network of microchannels to deposit biomolecules on surfaces for interaction analysis
Wave 80 Bioscienceswww.wave80.comDiagnosticsMolecular diagnostics products for infectious disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, and other human health conditions
Weidmann Plasticswww.weidmann-plastics.comSupplierInjection molding of plastic for microfluidic and microoptical structures
Xenniaxennia.comInkjetDevelops customized inkjet solutions
Xona instrumentsPDMS-based microfluidic platform for neuroscience research
YMCkeyboardchemistry.comResearch instrumentsSpecializes in microreactors
Yole Developmentwww.yole.frMarket analysis and strategy consultingMarketing analysis and strategy consulting. Work with the whole value chain from R&D centers to large international diagnostic companies through microfluidic fabs and start-ups, prototypingLab-on-a-chip and microfluidics / microsystem manufacturing and prototyping. Single sourcing for medical disposables, hot embossing, nanostructure.
SmallTech Consultingwww.smalltechconsulting.comResearch, development, design, prototypingResearch, development, design and prototyping for consulting clients over a wide array of applications, including microfluidics, biomedical devices and systems, diagnostics, implantables, and sensors.
Zephyrus Biosciences instrumentsResearch tools to enable protein analysis at the single cell level. The scWestern system, enables western blotting on individual cells.
Zeta Instrumentszeta-inst.comImagingManufactures precision non-contact, optical profilometer, 3D imaging measurement systems for characterizing sub-micron surface features in Microfluidics & BioMEMS applications.

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