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On-Q-ity CSO Walt Carney talks about CTCs in Drug Discovery Today

Thanks to Bruce Booth for mentioning this article in Drug Discovery Today by Walt Carney, Chief Scientific Officer and Interim President of On-Q-ity.  We’ve covered On-Q-ity before, so it’s great to hear more of their story unfold.  My thoughts on the article: 1. Limited uptake of Veridex CellSearch due to low sensitivity could be an […]

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3/21/2011: On-Q-Ity’s Mara Aspinall to speak at MassBio Annual Meeting

On March 21, On-Q-Ity’s Mara Aspinall will be speaking at the upcoming MassBio Annual Meeting in Cambridge, MA focused on personalized medicine.  On-Q-Ity is developing microfluidic diagnostics for detecting rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and was featured in a FluidicMEMS blog post last year.  Since then On-Q-Ity has forged a strategic alliance with LabCorp, a larger company that offers established sales, […]

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12/9: Sangeeta Bhatia talks at MIT on cooperative nanosystems for cancer diagnosis and therapy

Triggered self-assembly of nanoparticles by tumor protease (MMP-2). Image credit: Sangeeta Bhatia Another great talk this week at MIT from the MNSS Seminar Series to close out the year: on Thursday 12/9 at 3pm MIT Prof. Sangeeta Bhatia will be giving a talk on “Engineering Cooperative Nanosystems for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy.” The talk will be […]

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More on the CTC-chip: Talk by Daniel Haber

Thanks to Steve Pemberton, who mentioned this June 2010 talk by Daniel Haber given during a symposium at the Koch Institute on integrative approaches to cancer. Haber is collaborating with Mehmet Toner on a microfluidics system for detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Recently their work was featured in a FluidicMEMS post on On-Q-ity, which […]

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Startup Spotlight: On-Q-ity’s microfluidic cancer diagnostics

One of the most lethal events in cancer is the process of metastasis — when cells from an initial tumor spread throughout the body to generate new tumors. Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cancer cells that invade the bloodstream to circulate through the body; not surprisingly, they have been linked to metastasis. Knowing the status […]

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Microfluidics for studying cancer metastasis

What causes cancer cells to become metastatic, moving beyond their local environment to infiltrate other parts of the body? Some researchers have called metastasis “the most dangerous event in cancer,” and many believe that a better understanding of metastasis could lead to new cancer treatments. Microfluidics researchers have long been investigating metastasis, because metastasis is […]

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