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How much does point-of-care testing cost?

One of the reasons for using microfluidic technology is to shrink large machines down into portable desktop or handheld versions. A low cost per test is often important for point-of-care (POC) or point-of-use devices, especially when intended for resource-limited settings such as regions of Africa. But how do you estimate the actual cost of a […]

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Gajus Worthington on the early days of Fluidigm

Recently I ran across this Stanford video of Gajus Worthington, co-founder and CEO of Fluidigm. Recorded in 2004, it’s a behind-the-scenes snapshot of the early years of the company, after they’d launched their first products (in protein crystallization) in 2003. Over the past decade Fluidigm has gone from fundraising to becoming a public company with […]

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MICROmanufacturing Magazine interviews Don Ingber of the Wyss Institute

Just came across this MICROmanufacturing Magazine interview with Wyss Institute Founding Director, Don Ingber, about their microfluidic organ-on-a-chip work led by Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh. Interesting to see the interview delve into a manufacturing question, highlighting the translational nature of the Wyss: MICRO: How are these devices being manufactured? Ingber: Manufacturing has been done […]

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On-Q-ity CSO Walt Carney talks about CTCs in Drug Discovery Today

Thanks to Bruce Booth for mentioning this article in Drug Discovery Today by Walt Carney, Chief Scientific Officer and Interim President of On-Q-ity.  We’ve covered On-Q-ity before, so it’s great to hear more of their story unfold.  My thoughts on the article: 1. Limited uptake of Veridex CellSearch due to low sensitivity could be an […]

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Startup spotlight: Pharyx

Pharyx is a recent microbioreactor startup spun out of Rajeev Ram’s group at MIT and founded by Harry Lee and Paolo Boccazzi. They’ve been around for a few years and won a Phase I SBIR grant in 2008 ($200,000) and Phase II award in 2009 ($750,000) to develop microbioreactors for biofuels. Bioreactors are essentially tanks […]

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If you can make it there: Microfluidics in New York

Since I’m located in Boston, it’s easy to get surrounded by Massachusetts-based efforts to promote innovation. But it’s also great to see similar efforts in others locations.  For example, I ran across this 2009 report on microfluidics research in New York State published by the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR).  […]

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Diagnostics For All featured in the New York Times

Diagnostics For All and their paper microfluidic liver tests were featured yesterday in the New York Times as part of its “Small Fixes” series. The series focuses on low-cost innovations for the developing world.  A few themes: Evolution from academic to commercial design: “Originally, Dr. Whitesides used a plastic that hardened in ultraviolet light, but […]

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Microfluidics: a stealth technology?

Recently I’ve been wondering if microfluidics is a “stealth” technology that will be adopted quietly, with most people never realizing that a device they use has a microfluidic component, and without recognizing terms like “microfluidic,” “lab on a chip,” or “bioMEMS.” By comparison, some other technologies have been talked about more: I threw in cloud […]

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WEST interview with CytonomeST’s Lydia Villa-Komaroff, winner of 2011 Leadership Award

Terrific to see CytonomeST’s CSO Lydia Villa-Komaroff win a 2011 WEST Leadership Award earlier this summer.  CytonomeST is a Boston-area startup developing a clinical-grade, optical, microfluidic cell sorter. On the WEST site I ran across this interview with Dr. Villa-Komaroff where she discusses her time at CytonomeST, and many other aspects of her career. At […]

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Takeaways from the 2011 Wyss Institute Microfluidics & Medicine Symposium (part 1)

Last month I attended the Wyss Institute’s Symposium on Microfluidics and Medicine, a fantastic gathering of some of the most influential people in microfluidics from around the world. While many speakers were from academia, it was different from a typical academic conference because (in the spirit of the new Wyss Insitute) the focus was on how microfluidics could be launched […]

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