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Event: Microfluidics & Nanotechnology in Drug Discovery June 23, 2010

Drug discovery and development is hard. It can easily take 15-20 years to get to market from the time a new drug is identified, and throughout that period the risk of failure is high. Even drugs that make it past most of the hurdles can end up getting dumped after 20 years of work due […]

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Michael Vahey wins Senturia Prize for microfluidic / isodielectric cell screening method

I’m happy to announce that Michael Vahey, a former colleague from the Voldman lab at MIT, has won this year’s Senturia Prize for his Ph.D. thesis work on a novel microfluidic technique for separating and characterizing cells according to their electrical properties. This method offers a new tool for biologists looking to screen millions of […]

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5/17: Microfluidics @ World Health Medical Technology Conference @ Boston University

If you’re interested in how microfluidics can be applied to global health, check out the upcoming World Health Medical Technology Conference at Boston University on May 17th.  While there are many types of technology that can be applied to global health problems (see entries for MIT’s $100K Business Plan Contest Development Track as examples), it’s […]

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Micro/Nanotech Seminar Series @MIT kicks off Spring 2010

The spring 2010 schedule is up for MIT’s Micro/Nano-technology Seminar Series (MNSS) and the lineup looks terrific: February 18, 2010: Prof. Jongyoon Han, MIT Sorting Ions and Molecules using Nanofilters: Application of Ion Concentration Polarization (ICP) March 4, 2010: Prof. Rustem Ismagilov, University of Chicago Space, complex networks, and microfluidic tools April 15, 2010: Prof. […]

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Dec 3rd: The Social Responsibility of the Scientist

I’ve been interested in technology and culture issues for a long time. I remember as a kid reading a speech by Richard Feynman on the value of science. In it, he tells a story about how science is like a key that can open the gates of heaven or hell, depending on how we use […]

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Dec 1st CIMIT Forum: Life Science Innovation

I’ve posted about the CIMIT forum before — it’s a terrific series of talks on the integration of technology and medicine.  This week there’s an especially cool program on investing in life science innovation, including speakers Juan Enriquez of Excel Medical Ventures and Biotechonomy and Luis Barros of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. In addition, […]

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Joel Voldman on microfluidic manipulation of cells and their environment

Recently I ran across a video of my former advisor at MIT, Joel Voldman, speaking as part of the 2008 CIMIT Summer Education Series: Frontiers of Microfluidics and Microsystems in Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Medicine. In the video below (and available directly from CIMIT here), Joel highlights his group’s work using microfluidic technology and BioMEMS […]

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Science In the News – a Harvard seminar series

More talks! Swine flu, green technologies, stem cells, gene therapy–we hear about science almost every day in the news. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more, check out this seminar series run by Science In the News (SITN),  a group of Harvard Ph.D. students enthusiastic about communicating science to the public. On Wednesday, September 23rd, […]

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Micro/Nano-technology Seminar Series @MIT

The organizers of the Micro/Nano-technology Seminar Series (MNSS) at MIT have put together a fantastic lineup this fall. Unless otherwise noted, the talks are held on Thursdays at 3pm in Building 36 on the fourth-floor (Room 428). Thursday, September 24: Prof. Ali Javey, University of California at Berkeley Thursday, October 8: Darren R. Link, Ph.D., […]

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Agresti talk on drop-based microfluidic screening

Now that fall is approaching along with the beginning of the academic year, Boston has exploded with activity. There are a ton of upcoming events related to microfluidics/BioMEMS/medicine that I will be highlighting in the next few days. While all of the talks are in the Boston area, links to audio/video recordings will be listed […]

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