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Microfluidics can control how stem cells communicate

Exciting to see the work of Dr. Katarina Blagovic from the Voldman group at MIT published in PLoS ONE last month: “Microfluidic Perfusion for Regulating Diffusible Signaling in Stem Cells.” Katarina continued and extended the work begun during my Ph.D. (I’m a co-author), and it’s wonderful to see the ideas we discussed become reality! In diffusible […]

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Microfluidics: a stealth technology?

Recently I’ve been wondering if microfluidics is a “stealth” technology that will be adopted quietly, with most people never realizing that a device they use has a microfluidic component, and without recognizing terms like “microfluidic,” “lab on a chip,” or “bioMEMS.” By comparison, some other technologies have been talked about more: I threw in cloud […]

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WEST interview with CytonomeST’s Lydia Villa-Komaroff, winner of 2011 Leadership Award

Terrific to see CytonomeST’s CSO Lydia Villa-Komaroff win a 2011 WEST Leadership Award earlier this summer.  CytonomeST is a Boston-area startup developing a clinical-grade, optical, microfluidic cell sorter. On the WEST site I ran across this interview with Dr. Villa-Komaroff where she discusses her time at CytonomeST, and many other aspects of her career. At […]

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Microfluidics and food safety

Could microfluidic technology help deliver safer food?  While most lab-on-a-chip devices are aimed at the medical and life science research markets, a growing number of researchers and companies are investigating applications related to food and agriculture. The recent E. coli outbreak in Germany showed how devastating foodborne illness can be, in terms of human life, […]

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Takeaways from the 2011 Wyss Institute Microfluidics & Medicine Symposium (part 1)

Last month I attended the Wyss Institute’s Symposium on Microfluidics and Medicine, a fantastic gathering of some of the most influential people in microfluidics from around the world. While many speakers were from academia, it was different from a typical academic conference because (in the spirit of the new Wyss Insitute) the focus was on how microfluidics could be launched […]

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FluidicMEMS May 2011 Event: Bill Rodriguez of Daktari Diagnostics

Terrific to have Bill Rodriguez, CEO and founder of Daktari Diagnostics, speak at the FluidicMEMS gathering on May 26th sponsored by MicroPEP, where a mix of ~50 microfluidics folks in the Boston area from academia and industry gathered over food and drink to meet, exchange ideas, and trade stories. Daktari is developing a portable microfluidic CD4 cell counter for HIV patients […]

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12/6: MIT webinar on value creation and capture in the microfluidics market

Update: For those not able to attend live, the recorded presentation is available here: http://tinyurl.com/3744jx6. Thanks to Carrie Stalder of the Venture Cafe for the tip on an intriguing talk on Monday December 6, 2010 from noon-1pm EST by Shailendra Anand Yadav of the Broad Institute on “Analysis of Value Creation and Value Capture in […]

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Event: Microfluidics & Nanotechnology in Drug Discovery June 23, 2010

Drug discovery and development is hard. It can easily take 15-20 years to get to market from the time a new drug is identified, and throughout that period the risk of failure is high. Even drugs that make it past most of the hurdles can end up getting dumped after 20 years of work due […]

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Why DIY?

Last week I wrote about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) microfluidics and mentioned the overlap with the DIY Bio movement.  However, the potential applications for DIY (or low-cost) microfluidics techniques are broader than DIY Bio alone. The truth is, everyone wants to save money, not just amateur biologists tinkering at home.  Even top labs at MIT often perform […]

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DIY microfluidics

Image credit: Kumar, Smith, Pappas 2009 Lately there’s been talk about the DIY Bio movement enabling individuals to do real biology without being part of a university/company lab.  Given its potential for low-cost and quick prototyping, microfluidics seems to have promising overlap with DIY Bio.  But how would one actually get started with a DIY […]

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