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Microfluidics can control how stem cells communicate

Exciting to see the work of Dr. Katarina Blagovic from the Voldman group at MIT published in PLoS ONE last month: “Microfluidic Perfusion for Regulating Diffusible Signaling in Stem Cells.” Katarina continued and extended the work begun during my Ph.D. (I’m a co-author), and it’s wonderful to see the ideas we discussed become reality! In diffusible […]

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WEST interview with CytonomeST’s Lydia Villa-Komaroff, winner of 2011 Leadership Award

Terrific to see CytonomeST’s CSO Lydia Villa-Komaroff win a 2011 WEST Leadership Award earlier this summer.  CytonomeST is a Boston-area startup developing a clinical-grade, optical, microfluidic cell sorter. On the WEST site I ran across this interview with Dr. Villa-Komaroff where she discusses her time at CytonomeST, and many other aspects of her career. At […]

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Microfluidics, by JoVE

Sometimes there’s no substitute for a demo. In experimental work, techniques are commonly passed on from person to person. (I somehow ended up pipetting left-handed for years because of the single time my left-handed advisor showed me how to do it.) But what if you want to try a protocol that’s new to your lab? […]

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Dec 3rd: The Social Responsibility of the Scientist

I’ve been interested in technology and culture issues for a long time. I remember as a kid reading a speech by Richard Feynman on the value of science. In it, he tells a story about how science is like a key that can open the gates of heaven or hell, depending on how we use […]

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Fluidigm microfluidics used in stem cell research

Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells have been one of the hottest areas of recent stem cell research, because iPS cells may offer the same therapeutic potential as embryonic stem cells, but without embryo destruction. Ever since the development of human iPS cells by the Yamanaka lab, researchers have been working to establish whether iPS cells […]

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