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Gajus Worthington on the early days of Fluidigm

Recently I ran across this Stanford video of Gajus Worthington, co-founder and CEO of Fluidigm. Recorded in 2004, it’s a behind-the-scenes snapshot of the early years of the company, after they’d launched their first products (in protein crystallization) in 2003. Over the past decade Fluidigm has gone from fundraising to becoming a public company with […]

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Microfluidics: a stealth technology?

Recently I’ve been wondering if microfluidics is a “stealth” technology that will be adopted quietly, with most people never realizing that a device they use has a microfluidic component, and without recognizing terms like “microfluidic,” “lab on a chip,” or “bioMEMS.” By comparison, some other technologies have been talked about more: I threw in cloud […]

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Dec 1st CIMIT Forum: Life Science Innovation

I’ve posted about the CIMIT forum before — it’s a terrific series of talks on the integration of technology and medicine.  This week there’s an especially cool program on investing in life science innovation, including speakers Juan Enriquez of Excel Medical Ventures and Biotechonomy and Luis Barros of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. In addition, […]

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